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Why is important to identify your plan's red, purple and blue measures? Part 1

I have written before about the similarities between presidential elections and Quality Incentives as other members of our team.

Nevertheless, this is a problem that is present everywhere, and because election season is happening now, we believe it is important to show you how a lot of problems present in any industry are exactly the same problem that democratic and republicans face during this season., and because presidential elections are very interesting, a lot of persons are familiar with them, and they are fun from a strategic point of view.

The problem we talk about are those who present the following features

1. Constraints.

In an election season, candidates are subject to many restrictions, like how much money do they receive from donors, how many people are working in their campaigns, how many trips can they do during a week and more. If we pay attention to those restrictions delimitate somehow the performance of candidates.

Think about the measures for MLTC Quality Incentives and Star ratings the same.

The constraints a plan can face are, the resources it has available to cover the demands of the state.

Here I'm going to focus on a specific resource that is MONEY. All companies have a fixed budget for the year, and part of that budget is invested in improving the quality of the measures. But how can you be sure you are investing in the best possible way that money?

A solution we have for you is identifying your blue, purple and red measures.

Democrats have a clear idea of what has to be done for example in states like New York. The chance of losing New York (it becomes red) is very very small. They have to focus on keep doing what they've done and the investment of resources shouldn't be so high.

In the red states, like Utah, democrats know that it is going to be very hard to flip the state, a lot of resources have to be invested in order to even try to get closer.

Finally, the purple states, are the states that can be won with fewer resources, than those needed in a red state. The chances of winning these states are higher than in red states.

What is the idea here talking about Quality Incentives and Star-ratings?

If you can identify your blue, red and purple measures, you will be able to know where to invest your resources in a better way.

How can you do it?

As it is done for democrats and republican candidates: Historical trends.

By using historical trends on every measure and domain you can identify where to invest the resources better.

We know how to do it and we can help you!

Contact us to find the "Electoral Map" of your plan, and begin to make more informed decisions!

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