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Who are your competitors?

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Our competitors are always present, mainly if we have a business to manage. Of course, we need to improve our products, tangible or not, to keep our customers happy.

But when we talk about qualifications or incentives, the perspective of our competitors is different. In the specific case of MLTC plans, competition is established by the state of New York. The state assigns the rules and qualifications following certain statistical and mathematical tools, which I explained in other publications for Stars and Quality Incentives.

Who our competitors are will depend on different variables: growth, number of participating plans, results, state averages, percentiles and more.

Analyzing your position among your competitors, considering these variables and your own data will take you to excel in any competition.

Lagrange AI and our new feature "ElectoralMap" for MLTC plans consider all these variables per measure, domain, every measurement period and all the plans participating. We can help you to study, not just your trends, but discovering who are your closest competitors depending on the area you might be interested in.

For example in Quality Incentives, do you know your "Electoral Map"? Which are your blue measures? your red measures? your purple measures? Do you know what to do to improve them?

We have the answer!

Contact me if you want to know more about how to identify your competitors for the next measurement periods and get the incentives and stars your plan deserves!

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