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MLTC & Healthcare: Managed Long Term Care (MLTC) Consumer Guide.

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

How many stars did you plan get in the last MLTC Consumer Guide?

If you were one of the few fortunate to obtained 5, congratulations.

Now my question for you is, do you know how many stars are you going to get next year?

You can review the results your plan obtained in the last measurements periods, and it might be the case that your results went more o less the same way than previous the year or even your plan improved, but can you be sure you will get the same number of stars or even more?

As you can see your plan can be in the same position GuildNet was. Unfortunately, GuildNet closed doors.

From the table we can see right away GuildNet obtained the same number of total of stars in all the domains in two consecutive measurement periods, nevertheless, in the overall, they went down 1 star.

How can this happen?

This is the result of the calculation of the MLTC Consumer Guide, and the dynamics of all plans during the year.

I have talked a lot about how important is to keep track of all the measures and domains for your plan, but also your competitors. Identifying your red, purple and blue domains will help you i) improve the number of stars per domain, ii) improve overall.

We can guide you step by step on the results of your plan, make an assessment of what can you expect for future measurement periods and how to improve in an efficient way!


If you want to know how your plan is doing for the next measurement period and be prepared to make informed decisions contact us to get all you need to be the best among all MLTC plans.

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