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Which are the purple measures of your MLTC plan?

Finally the purple measures!

If you are reading for the first time, I recommend you to check out the previous posts on presidential elections and MLTC Quality Incentives and Star-ratings.

In case you are already familiar with the subject, we will define the last color, purple measures.

As you may remember, blue measures are those measures your plan has scored the maximum of points for Quality Incentives during several measurement periods. On the other hand, red measures are those where your plan can not improve steadily.

Purple measures are those that "fluctuate". Your plan may have scored high in a couple of measurement periods, in other got very low points, but you can not distinguish a steady trend over time. Those measures are the most important, in my opinion.

Why are they important?

By identifying these measures, you can begin to work on improving the results. These measures are "winnable". Your plan has scored high sometimes, low in other moments and there is a chance to find out what happened in both cases. We have a clear constant that is the measure itself, but what are the variables that had provoked the unsteady behavior?

The answers might be very different depending on your plan, but some suggestions are different plans appearing in those measurement periods who directly compete with your plan. Or maybe something happened inside your company some changes that made these fluctuations possible.

In any case, the variables can be discovered and attacked right away. But the first step consists in the identification of your purple measures.

By using historical trends on every measure you can the next steps in order to improve your Quality Incentive points for these measures.

We know how to do it and we can help you!

Contact us to find the "Electoral Map" of your plan, and begin to make more informed decisions!

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Aug 25, 2022

I enjoyed readingg this

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