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Natural Language Processing (NLP): Sentiment Analysis

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Natural Language Processing is a field that intersects AI, computer science and linguistics. One of the most popular branches of NLP is sentiment analysis. Sentiment analysis as the name says it, is the process of analyzing the opinion of the public about a certain topic. It can be applied to social media i.e. how people feel about impeachment on Twitter, also it can be applied to articles and more.

Sentiment Analysis, as we explain in this conversation, can be used to automate the work done by analysts in Fiance. In order to invest, for example, in the stock market, searching for how people feel about a company can be very useful to help you to make a decision. An analyst can go trough 100 articles about Netflix, and under certain metrics, he will assign an overall grade to Netflix about how people feel about it. But this can be tiring, or smaller companies can not afford to have a lot of people dedicated to this task.

An algorithm can do the same job, faster.

If you want to know more about NLP and Sentiment analysis, or you want to use it for your company, contact us!!

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