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Let Lagrange AI map your red, blue, and purple states!

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Learn the game. Play the game.

Hillary Clinton won the popular vote in the 2016 Presidential election by three million votes. Donald J. Trump won the Electoral College with 304 votes compared to 227 votes for Hillary Clinton. As we all know, the latter became POTUS and Clinton's campaign is heavily criticized for ignoring two key swing states, Wisconsin and Michigan, by not campaigning those states. The key word here is swing states - in a nutshell these are states that in one election may be blue states and in the following may go red. Voters in other states such as New York, Texas, California, Georgia, tend to stick to the Democratic or Republican party. Whether we agree with the Electoral system or not it is important to understand the system and play to win.

Mapping the Electoral Map - It's in the trends

If you follow politics, it may be easy for you to map out the red and blue states at the state level. Some of the swing states as well. How do we know this? We have been following the news and have seen results from previous elections to know that New York is heavily Democratic, Georgia is heavily Republican, and states like Iowa tend to flip. These are what we call trends and while many states are clearly mapped as red or blue, we need to keep an eye on these states as demographics change to see whether they can be flipped. And, once we have identified the states that can be flipped to our favor, we need to go deeper - at the county level and do the mapping. These maps help campaign managers with resource allocations. Ideally, you'd want to win all these counties and states, and have your candidate show up everywhere. However, time and resources are limited and managers need to be smart in how they allocate resources for optimal results.

Mapping your Plan's Star Rating and Quality Incentives.

Whether you are looking to improve your Plan's Star Ratings or Quality Incentives, it helps to think of this process as the mapping of the Electoral Map. Not all domains are created equal and learning how to play the game is critical in resource allocation. This is why we build Lagrange AI - a smart algorithm that analyzes historical data published by the New York State's DOH and maps your red,blue, and purple states.

Lagrange AI sifts through performance historical data of MLTC plans to find the least resistive path to get your plan the Quality Incentives & Stars it deserves. The reports offer actionable insights, trend analysis on market movements, and data visualizations that generate a clear picture to help you and your team with resource allocation.

The Lagrange algorithm extracts features such as

  • momentum movements on quality,

  • growth trends/member acquisition rates,

  • identification of nearest neighbor,

  • active MLTC plans, plans entering/leaving the market.

It then runs hundreds of simulations to identify the least resistive path to help you move to a higher tier. You give us your goals, we find the path to get there providing you with exact scores you need to achieve to reach a specific tier.

Reach out today and see how Lagrange AI can help your Plan reach all the Stars and Quality Incentives bonuses it deserves! Work smart, not just hard.

Send an email to to set up an introductory call.

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