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How Byteflows can help with your analytics projects


We work in finding the most efficient route from data collection to data analytics and reporting. Many monotonous tasks which may occupy a large portion of your team's workday can be expedited so you and your team can focus on business and client development. Our dynamic reporting and data management strategies allow you to advance your current tasks rapidly and reliably while maintaining your competitive advantages.

Data Visualization

We deliver solutions which display company performance in real time. This allows you to make data-driven decisions quickly while tracking company performance. In addition, the dashboards allow you to interactively explore the data to find key insights.

Data Management

As your company grows, so does the data flow. The data piles get bigger and you find yourself in need of new employees to keep up with the work volume. Over time, it also becomes difficult to keep track of old and new files and changes made to the files. Our teams have expertise in working with variety of structured and highly unstructured data sets. Using our data management systems, you and your team can keep track of all your data under one, user-friendly, interface.

Data Mining

Over time companies find themselves sitting on large piles of data which should be mined to gain insights into business developments. The information retrieved can be a game changer and may give companies a competitive edge in the field. Our teams diligently explore the data for those possibly hidden trends and translate the information into actionable business decisions

Machine Learning

We develop self-sufficient algorithms which adopt to real-time changes in business environment and market conditions. The algorithms help detect anomalies, forecast company performance in the near future, and categorize current and future potential clients into meaningful subgroups to better serve their needs. Mundane decision making can be delegated to the computational power of finely tuned algorithms.

Text Analytics

Due to the advent of new technologies, much of the data comes in a form of text such as email content, review articles, and remarks on the social media. While this data is highly unstructured, it may hold useful information about a product or service. We quantify the sentiments of your customers with real-time web applications to track performance of your products and services including live events.

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