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Getting Started with Byteflows

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

You have maybe heard about Byteflows AI consultancy by now and are wandering about our engagement process, how you can meet and talk to us.

1. Set up a complimentary call

We offer free complimentary calls to help screen out your ideas. You can make a direct appointment in our AI consultation page: complimentary call

2. Full consultation

If you are interested to dive deep into a project and require more attention, we offer 90-min consultation session with our Principal Research Scientist. The consultation can be over the phone or in person (we are a NYC-based consultancy located next to Bryant Park and Times Sq, 135 West 41st St.)

You can reserve a seat here: deep dive consultation

3. Fill out this form

Tell us more about your project by filling out this form and a Byteflows specialist will reach out shortly:

Domains and case studies in brief:

Hedge Funds I: Deep Learning Models building to predict near-future price directions, trading time interval 2-10min.

Hedge Funds II: Data scraping and sentiment analysis to analyse the sentiment and over 100 stocks in several news organizations and blogs.

Insurance: A simulator to help program directors achieve high Star ratings on state official quality measurements.

Hospitals: Patient AI Referral Bot (PAIRT) identifies best fit patients for specific rehabilitation institutions to offer a bed to based on bed availability and patient historical information.

Healthcare: Research & development working alongside medical doctor researchers to help researchers better diagnose patients with bipolar disorders

Politics: Sentiment analysis based on twitter feed by state per candidate.

National Intelligence & Security: Gaining insights from large data sets to identify individuals of high risk. Developed a metric identify risk levels: low to high. .

Academia: Developed AI courses for select departments and research departments

NGOs: Impact measurements, data flow optimizations, data visualization.

We look forward to connecting with you.

Andi & the Byteflows Team

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