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Updated: Jul 6

You have maybe heard about Byteflows AI consultancy by now and are wandering about our engagement process, how you can meet and talk to us.

1. Set up a complimentary call

We offer free complimentary calls to help screen out your ideas. You can make a direct appointment in our AI consultation page: complimentary call

2. Full consultation

If you are interested to dive deep into a project and require more attention, we offer 90-min consultation session with our Principal Research Scientist. The consultation can be over the phone or in person (we are a NYC-based consultancy located next to Bryant Park and Times Sq, 135 West 41st St.)

You can reserve a seat here: deep dive consultation

3. Fill out this form

Tell us more about your project by filling out this form and a Byteflows specialist will reach out shortly:

Domains and case studies in brief:

Hedge Funds I: Deep Learning Models building to predict near-future price directions, trading time interval 2-10min.

Hedge Funds II: Data scraping and sentiment analysis to analyse the sentiment and over 100 stocks in several news organizations and blogs.

Insurance: A simulator to help program directors achieve high Star ratings on state official quality measurements.

Hospitals: Patient AI Referral Bot (PAIRT) identifies best fit patients for specific rehabilitation institutions to offer a bed to based on bed availability and patient historical information.

Healthcare: Research & development working alongside medical doctor researchers to help researchers better diagnose patients with bipolar disorders

Politics: Sentiment analysis based on twitter feed by state per candidate.

National Intelligence & Security: Gaining insights from large data sets to identify individuals of high risk. Developed a metric identify risk levels: low to high. .

Academia: Developed AI courses for select departments and research departments

NGOs: Impact measurements, data flow optimizations, data visualization.

We look forward to connecting with you.

Andi & the Byteflows Team


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