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Do you want to become a Data Scientist? 7 tips that will help you to achieve your goal!

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

If you want to become a data scientist, do you know how to begin?

We have some advice for you, f you are ready to take the next step. From the basics to the skills you need to develop to become a good data scientist!

Some tips from our principal researcher :

1. Linear algebra. If you have a background in science, like Maths, Physics, Computer science, you probably have this, if not we encourage you to learn it.

2. Pick some Machine Learning algorithms and master them. You do not need to know all of them.

3. Select the language you want to use for coding, we recommend R or Python.

4. Cover the basics tools for coding, you do not need to know EVERYTHING!

5. Confidence. Maybe you feel you do not know enough, do not worry, begin to develop your own project to get confidence.

6. Develop soft skills, like communication.

7. Get a partner in crime! Working with a coach or a partner helps to develop better ideas and learn things you may lack.

And our secret tip for you, go for it! Do not be afraid, once you begin, believe us, you won't stop.

Find out how Byteflow's expertise can help you and your company. 

Byteflows AI is a boutique NYC based data consultancy with a global reach. Our small team of dedicated AI & data science consultants and experts strives to deliver business value with AI. [Healthcare, MLTC, Insurance, FinTech, NLP, Hedge Funds, Pharma, Political campaigns & more] 

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