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On impeachment, AI and Data Science

Everybody in the country has heard about the impeachment hearings that are happening since last week.

If you have had the chance of watching them on TV, for sure you have noticed some very interesting things. And no, I'm not talking about if you have chosen a side, but the dynamics of the hearings.

The format of regular hearings has changed. In these hearing, you have 45 minutes for questioning by a counsel for each party, which makes the hearings fluent and we can get a better understanding of the issues.

This line of questioning is a clear example of what Data Science is about. Believe it or not.

The people out there believe that Data Science is only about math and coding, but it is more than that. At Byteflow Dynamics one of the most important parts for doing what we do is the history we can build around the data we have, the technological part comes later. We gather information and we formulate the right questions in order to get good answers. Exactly the same way counsels are doing it during the impeachment hearings.

If you pay attention to the line of questioning it is build on data, dates, phone calls, statements, meetings and more. Each party has to put together all the information in order i) tell a story and ii) get evidence.

That is what Data Science does as principal: get the data, tell a story and get evidence either to improve something (a product for example), to find correlations or causation and more.

If you still have doubts about what Data Science, AI, and Byteflows can do for you, contact me. I'll be happy to hear from you.

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