Byteflows Engagement Methodology

You'd like to see the value that Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence can offer before making a big commitment. That is why, our engagements start with testing your ideas and building Proofs-Of-Concept (POC), quickly and efficiently, which you can use to estimate ROI for the full-scale solution. 

During your first month, we will provide resources to build a POC accompanied by an AI diagnostic report. Based on the results and findings from the first month, we will discuss priorities on feature implementation. Eventually, the goal is to help you and your team take over parts of the project and we will play an advisory role. 



Benefits of Working With the Byteflows Versitile AI Team 

  • Build prototypes quickly to test new ideas and clearly evaluate the benefits.

  • Receive pragmatic guidance on timelines and approaches to achieve your goals within a budget range.

  • Get advice on internal team-building, when the project has been well defined, and ideally, a prototype or pilot has been built and tested.

  • Based on insights gathered deploy capital and resources into practical and realizable tasks.

  • Access to a versatile team which possesses the following pool of skills: 

    + Machine Learning, Deep Learning (on GPU) 
    + Data Architecture, Cloud Computing
    + Data Engineering
    + Computer Vision
    + Data Visualization 
    + Text Analytics, NLP, Data Mining

    + AI Product Develpment 

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