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AI Studio Membership Options

  • Starter

    Every month
    Great for teams getting started with data science
    • Access to Solution Architect
    • Access to Senior Data Scientist
    • Access to Machine Learning Engineer
    • Weekly meeting updates
    • Full Systems Integrations Support
    • Unlimited Data Features
    • Unlimited Algorithms
  • Membership

    Every month
    Perfect for those interested in Analytics, AI/ML, Coding, GenAI
    • Weekly AI/ML/Data Coaching Sessions
    • Advisory on ongoing capstone projects
    • Business Case Studies
  • Standard

    Every month
    Perfect for teams getting ramping up AI products
    • Unlimited Access to your dedicated Solutions specialist
    • Dedicated Machine Learning Specialist
    • Dedicated Senior Data Scientist
    • Weekly meetings with your dedicated team
    • Access to AI Solutions Architect
    • Unlimited Data Features
    • Unlimited Algorithms
    • Full Systems Integrations Support
  • Free Consultations

    Good for any teams interested about engaging a consultancy
    Valid for 7 days
    • Speak directly to a solutions architect
    • Receive practical guidance on new initiatives
    • See if we are a fit to be your NYC based solutions provider
    • Ask about all of our solutions offers
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