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Get all the rewards and stars your health plan deserves. LagrandeAI for managed long term care MLTC and healthcare
How artificial intelligence can help achieve your goals? 
Application for managed long term care and healthcare plans: Lagrange AI simulations help program directors of health plans to achieve better incentives from state and high Star ratings. The algorithm sifts through historical data, runs thousands of simulations to guide you to better allocate resources for all MLTC and healthcare plans.


Better results =  money + clients 

We provide a full analysis of your performance to improve your quality incentives and star rating score. We guide you step by step to a better understanding of your quality incentives and rating and their impact on your company.

Identifying opportunity areas on measures and domains, we will help you to allocate your resources in an efficient way.


Deep insights on what is the fastest way to improve your results, and which are your closest competitors in this tough market.

In the last few years, the growth rate of enrollments has been decreasing rapidly. The market will be saturated and the option to keep growing is to compete directly with other pans.

Based on historical data and the most recent results we can help you to get better incentives from the state and more stars!

Analyzing each measure, domain and overall we can take you to explore the best path to improve your score, quality incentives and implement effective strategies.  




Machine Learning 


Artificial Intelligence 



Do you want to get better incentives and stars for your managed long term care MLTC and healthcare plan? Optimize your resources to get quality incentives and stars your plan deserves.
Factors that go into algorithm for MLTC: Growth trends, acquisitions, quality trends, social media trends, historical ratings.

Meet The Team





Star-Rating for MLTC plans

What is The Managed Long-Term Care (MLTC) performance data?


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Andi Shehu

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Principal AI Researcher

Leads Byteflows´ team of experts as they create AI  products to help companies grow and adopt to new market conditions. And is a recognized authority in AI, he teaches and writes about building data-driven products and services. He  holds a PhD in quantum physics from CUNY  Graduate Center where he worked to optimize information extraction from quantum systems.

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Gina Olivares

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AI Product Manager

Researcher and most recently AI-product manager at Byteflow Dynamic. I´m dedicated to create, coordinate and implement new products for our clients. Working at Byteflows gives me the opportunity of combining two fantastic worlds: science and business.


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