Deep Dive into Data  & Analytics seminar for businesses

What is Deep Dive into Data & Analytics?


It is a seminar with business case studies and fundamentals of data science designed by a team of AI Research scientists led by lead AI scientist Andi Shehu, Ph.D. to get you up to speed with the latest and modern tools on Data Science, Machine Learning, Analytics, and AI. 

You will get to see what's under the hood of some of our products and Byteflows' Data Science  & AI methodology towards business solutions and prototyping AI products.

We will walk you through the process of prototyping and iteration towards full solutions as the business benefits become clear.


The seminar is hosted by Andi Shehu, the principal AI Research Scientist at Byteflows. Andi advises companies in the early phases of AI product development, data science team building, and ultimately aligning business growth through data science and AI. Andi does this through a combination of advisory services, hands-on data science training, and using his resources to build profitable AI products. 

WHO WOULD BENEFIT FROM Deep Dive into Data  & Analytics seminar?

Regardless of your company’s size, or industry if you are ambitious and hungry for growth, Deep dive into Data & Analytics is the beginning of success.

Whether you are looking to improve your company, boost productivity and quality, or increase revenues, Deep dive into Data & Analytics will open the doors to the new era in business. 

Leverage the expertise of our team to build the product you want

Come to Deep Dive into Data Science & Analytics seminar for businesses to get your questions answered.

Learn what competitors are doing and have an edge with the latest AI capabilities brought to you by Deep Dive into Data Science & Analytics seminar for businesses.

When business outcomes are hard to predict we can have full control of the processes with data. Join fellow business practitioners at Deep Dive into Data Science & Analytics seminar for businesses to get your edge sharp.


We make Data Science simply work for your business.

what you need

Get your questions answered, clear picture and actionable insights 

improve your business

Add your data solution and enjoy running your business with the latest tech.


Break down business problems into small executable tasks and leverage AI for real business value


Schedule your free consultation with a Data Science specialist today to learn even more about our seminar and all the ways we can help you achieve your goals.

A pretty interesting session. Very good case studies, and advice for particular cases, excellent.  Looking forward to the next seminar. Congratulations!


seminar breakdown

After each topic introduced, you will be given the opportunity to evaluate and diagnose your business or career and write down possible applications on the covered topic. 

What you will get: 

  • Blueprints for your AI initiatives 

  • Answers from top AI experts 

  • Advisory on building successful data science teams

  • A clear picture of the current state of AI and whats under the hood of such products. 

Topics covered:

  • AI and automation 

  • Recommender systems

  • Machine Learning: supervised and unsupervised

  • Text Analytics; NLP

  • Data Scraping 

  • Case studies in finance, health care, insurance, hedge funds, and more. 

Domains and projects we will be sharing

  • Hedge Funds: neural networks for high-frequency trading

  • Insurance: member retention; risk management; claims cost predictions

  • Nursing facilities: Patient referral bot 

  • Healthcare:  MLTC; Star Ratings; Quality Incentives; Marketing & Branding using AI to find the least resistive path 

  • Government & National Security:  

  •  People Analytics: data scraping and analysis of student data 

Who attends the seminar: 

  • HR directors

  • Directors of Technology

  • Investors and Entrepreneurs

  • Analytics managers

  • Data scientists & AI research scientists

  • Academics


Schedule your free consultation with a Data Science specialist today to learn even more about our seminar and all the ways we can help you achieve your goals.

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Our team and hosts

Elona Shehu, SVP-Business Development

Why We're Great >


Managing a portfolio of existing clients: understanding their business needs, ensuring client satisfaction and uncovering and acting on opportunities for relationship expansion.

Alex Varfolomiyev,
Data Scientist

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Creative and passionate, with the international contributions to business, applied math and data science. Strong in analytic, business intelligence, implementation and communication.
Experienced in research, building businesses, consulting, training and presenting

Gina Olivares,
AI Product Manager 

Why We're Great >


AI-Product Manager with a background in theoretical Physics .
Combining expertise in analysis, modeling, and math  offers our clients a different approach to their problems and give them creative solutions.

Daniel Kebede, Associate Data Scientists

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Ph.D. Candidate at Purdue University in Economics. Creates, coordinates and implements new products for our clients, combining extensive experience in Economics, program analysis, and large data management. 

Eduardo Valencia, Consultant

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Dedicated Data Analyst and Data Scientist in Pharma. People Analytics expert. Director of the Executive Master in People Analytics (People Analytics Pro - Trainer focused on Artificial Intelligence.


AI consultant and a practicing data scientist with a background in theoretical Physics . He specializing in building algorithms using alternative and traditional data for signal generation and streamlining workflow processes.

Andi Shehu,
Principal AI Research Scientist and host 


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What are the industries where this seminar can be helpful?

Any industry can benefit from the tools we use to solve problems. 

Do I need a background in science or coding to attend the seminar?

No, you do not need to know how to code or any background in science. We developed the seminar in such a way that it is easy to understand, learn and get the benefits of Data Science & AI products.

Who can attend the seminar?

Educators, Researchers, Investors, Analysts, Data Scientists, Entrepreneurs, Managers, Developers. Everybody who is interested in knowing more about Data Science and AI products.

How many people attend the event?

We make small groups no more than 10 people. We like to keep our seminar personal.