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The only data science gym that trains your brain!

Are you an aspiring data scientist who wants to improve your analytic skills?
Or are you already a data scientist who wants to catch up with modern data science tools?
You are in the right place, at Byteflow Studios!

With more and more data being generated accompanied by new tools, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and fall behind. And we all know that skills like data science don't happen overnight. You need to train your brain regularly (just like you would your muscles at the gym) and keep learning.

At Byteflow Studios, we offer weekly classes on fundamental and advanced data science tools at affordable rates. Join us for a good brain workout after work or school to build your data science muscle!

Class Schedule

Each class is a series of 4 weekly sessions starting in the beginning of each month. A new class cycle starts every month.

Below is a list of classes we are currently offering.

February Cycle

Tuesdays in Manhattan (Bryant Park / Times Square area)

Class 1. Data Wrangling: 5:00 - 5:55pm

Class 2. Data Visualization: 6:05 - 7:00pm

March Cycle

Tuesdays in Manhattan (Bryant Park / Times Square area)

Class 1. Data Wrangling: 5:00 - 5:55pm

Class 2. Data Visualization: 6:05 - 7:00pm

Wednesdays in Manhattan (Bryant Park / Times Square area)

Class 1. Clustering (Unsupervised Machine Learning): 5:00 - 5:55pm

Class 2. Classification (Supervised Machine Learning): 6:05 - 7:00pm

Queens Location Opening in Spring!

More Classes Coming Soon!

Regression (Supervised Machine Learning)
Cloud Computing
Interactive Web Application
Blockchain / Cryptocurrency

Data Science Prototyping

We will have a data science prototyping session (4 hours on a weekend) toward the end of each month. Prototyping is a great opportunity to practice the skills and tools you learned in class to solve real-world data problems. Experienced data scientists will design case studies and walk you through the process of building a business-ready prototype. The case studies will be from various fields such as Finance, Insurance, Entertainment, NGOs, etc.

Membership Pricing

Byteflow Studios offer different levels of membership plans as well as single passes.

Memberships renew every month and follow class cycles (valid from beginning to end of each month).

Unlimited Membership: $395/month (Coming soon)

With Unlimited Membership, you can take as many classes as you want each month.

Senior Membership: $295/month

Senior Membership includes any 2 classes (8 sessions) per month.

Junior Membership: $165/month

Junior Membership includes any single class (4 sessions) per month.

Single Pass: $50/session

No commitment, simply try out single sessions whenever is convenient for you.

Data Science Prototyping: $95/session

Student discount available: All prices are 35% off! (Grand opening special discount) Must provide a proof of enrollment.

Payment and Registration

Classes are open to everyone! To reserve a spot, follow the PayPal link below and proceed to checkout.
We will follow up with the direction to classroom and any softwares to install beforehand.

Please read Membership Section above before checking out. If you subscribe to a membership plan mid-month (after a cycle for the month has started), your membership will be activated in the following month for the next cycle.

Senior Membership

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Junior Membership (Data Wrangling)

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Junior Membership (Data Visualization)

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Single Class Pass

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Students only! Enter the code ByteflowStudents above and click Apply. Then click Add to Cart.
If you use the discount code, you must provide a proof of enrollment on your first day.

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Our Training Experiences

Below are some examples of our past and future data science training programs conducted at schools in NYC. We have designed training programs tailored for various levels of students ranging from undergrads to PhDs and post-docs. Our curriculum focuses on career development as well as application to academic research, so whether you want to jump into the world of data science right away or you want to continue onto grad school, we got you covered!

Essentials of Data Science Bootcamp

Columbia University

Session I: Jan-Feb 2016
Session II: May-June 2016

Essentials of Data Science Bootcamp sessions were intensive training programs primarily for PhD students and post-docs and were held on 5 consecutive weekends. These programs helped the participants achieve success in both conducting better academic research and transitioning to data science after graduating.

Academia Meets Data Science Workshop

Hunter College

February & October 2017

Academia Meets Data Science workshop was specially crafted for students in the RISE program at Hunter College. The goals of this workshop were to introduce the students to the basics of programming and data science, provide them with business insights and perspectives on professional development, and lead them to improve their academic research and thrive on their post-graduate careers.

Entry-level Data Science I

Queens College

September 24 - October 22, 2017

Entry-level Data Science was an intensive 5-week course at Tech Incubator at Queens College targeted primarily at undergraduate students studying computer science. This course focused on data munging, data visualization, and machine learning among other topics. The students were exposed to real-life examples and learned the importance of data science through hands-on projects.

Experiential Data Science Course

CUNY Graduate Center

Spring 2018 Semester (Upcoming)

Experiential Data Science is a graduate-level course scheduled in the spring 2018 semester at CUNY Graduate Center. The course will focus on data science skills and algorithms for graduate research and business applications. It is open to graduate students from all departments, and will include hands-on training and projects with real data. Guest speakers and networking events will also be scheduled.

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