To enable businesses and individuals at all levels to make intelligent data-driven decisions

in pursuit of top performance, optimization of business processes, and gain of competitive advantage

We fulfill our mission by delivering fast, reliable and simple to understand solutions.
Byteflow Dynamics is one of the leading New York City based advanced analytics providers, with multiple years of experience and up to date know-how of most recent tools, approaches and methodologies in data analytics field, advanced machine learning and big data solutions.

How We Can Help

Mountain View

Let us be your first data science and data engineering team

We work with high-growth startups to reduce costs and risks of building your own data science team in the early stage by providing you with our agile team to diagnose the problems, test your ideas and concepts, and develop fully-functioning prototypes. As the benefits and challenges of the product become more evident, it will be clear what talents you actually need for your own data science team. We will be happy to help you to attract the right candidates.

Mountain View

Let us reinforce your existing data science & analytics team

You have an in-house data science team which is working hard on developing your main product. You want to explore new products but run short on available bandwidth . We will help by taking on a project you want to explore as an additional team, or as an extension to your your existing data science team. This allows you to explore new ideas, quickly and efficiently, with our full data science team, without risking quality of the main product and avoid hiring additional employees until you are certain about success of the ideas you have.

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Let us train your current employees

You have long-term goals for growth and aim to stay competitive in your field. We elevate your team's skills and potential through our pragmatic, custom-tailored educational approach, teaching them how to use most recent data analytics tools and produce high quality reports and data visualizations

Our Methodology

We understand that you want to see the value before making a big commitment. So our engagement starts with testing your ideas and building a proof-of-concept prototype which you can use to estimate ROI for the full-scale solution Our findings and insights are delivered bi-weekly, and communicated through reports and presentations to you and your team. We usually split the projects in the following phases:

Phase 1: Kick-off

Our experts, your business team, and tech stakeholders: We will collect information about data formats, features, algorithms, data collections, and data architecture used. Using this information our experts will derive actionable solutions aligned with your business goals.

The deliverable of this phase is a Diagnostic Report which provides with concrete, actionable roadmap. It will contain some of the following elements.

Comprehensive independent evaluation for:

  • data collection, processing, and analytics
  • algorithms used to make predictions/extract insights
  • highlights of weak spots and areas to improve

  • Corresponding roadmap and implementation cost estimation recommendations for new features/alternative data sources to include into your platform. Recommendations for the most optimal data organization/structures and storage.

    Phase 2: Prototype (proof of concept)

    We will deliver the prototype and corresponding source code. The prototype serves as a proof of concept which implements and integrates actions from the diagnostic report roadmap.

    Phase 3: Deployment of the prototype with your team

    We will provide our expertise and knowledge in statistical modeling to help you team properly deploy prototype on your platform.

    Benefits of Working with Our Full-Stack Agile Data Science Team

    Sample Industries & Projects

    Hedge funds

    Model building to predict near-future price directions


    Sentiment analysis based on SNS feed

    Intelligence & Security

    Gaining insights from large data sets


    Research & development


    Developing data science courses for select departments


    Impact measurements, data flow optimizations, data visualization

    Key Skills

    • Machine Learning
    • Predictive Modeling
    • Deep Learning
    • Text Mining
    • Natural Language Processing
    • Data Visualization
    • Working with highly unstructured data
    • Data Cleaning
    • Business Intelligence
    • Blockchains
    • Cryptocurrency
    • Workflow Optimization
    • Data Management
    • Dynamic Reporting
    • Cloud Computing
    • Computer Vision
    • Artificial Intelligence

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